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    Accounting – Tax consulting

    Reliability, Consistently, Quality

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  • Accounting Services for Business
    & individuals

    We offer a wide range of accounting and tax services
    for all kinds of businesses and individuals at very competitive rates.

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  • Residents Abroad

    With over 35 years of experience we’ll ensure the efficiency of our services.

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  • Business

    Research, Resolution, Planning, Supervision

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Welcome to Accounting – Tax consulting

Accounting, Tax consulting Nikaia, Piraeus.

The accounting office Kampyli’s Accounting - Tax Consulting has been active in Nikaia (Piraeus) Attica since 1982.

It offers a wide range of accounting, tax & consulting services for all types of businesses, freelancers and individuals with responsibility and an emphasis on quality and efficiency.

In addition, we undertake accounting services for residents abroad, offering complete packages that cover the entire range of services.

Λογιστικά γραφεία Νίκαια, Πειραιάς

We love what we do

Accounting, tax and consulting services for all kinds of businesses and individuals.
Complete service packages for FOREIGN RESIDENTS.

Contact us to inform you about the specialized accounting, tax & consulting solutions we provide.