Residents abroad

Accounting and tax services for residents abroad.

The successful multi-year course of our office continues today, while the good reputation of our accounting office has gone beyond the borders of the Greek territory, as a part of its clients come from abroad.

Our accounting and tax office offers a wide range of accounting and tax services for residents abroad.

Services for foreign residents are provided by our experienced partners. Our company has a nationwide network of partners. We cover the entire geographical territory of Greece.


Taxation representative services

Tax Return Submission

Property cases

Your Mediator

Our expert team of professionals handles the mediation and completion of all aspects for the sale of your property, or the purchase of new property.


  • We intercede on your behalf to find prospective buyers for the sale of your property,
  • A representative from our company is present with your proxy to complete the process in front of the notary public and completes the contract signing on your behalf,
  • We transfer and register the titles of ownership to the relevant land registry and public state property offices.
Taxation representative services

The taxation representative (former) is the professional that mediates:

  1. To inform the Greek citizen living abroad
  2. To submit Greek citizens living abroad taxation documents and tax returns
  3. To obtain Greek citizens living abroad taxation documents and tax returns.

Greek citizens living abroad establish their taxation representative in Greece with the completion of their information within their tax return once a year.

Tax Return Submission
The submission of a tax return is mandatory once each year. It is mandatory for all Greek citizens living abroad to submit a tax return:
  1. If they have revenue in Greece
  2. If they have property or finances in Greece.
It is advised that all Greeks of the diaspora, or citizens working abroad, transfer their tax information to the relevant DOY of Citizens Living Abroad especially if:
  1. They are beneficiaries in Greek bank accounts
  2. They are inheriting property or funds from relatives in Greece
  3. If they are planning to invest in Greece in any way. An example is the investment in property or business of tourism which are a priority for citizens living abroad.
Our company offers services such as:
  • Submission of tax returns for Greek diaspora members living and working abroad.
  • We offer a comprehensive service at reduced prices to Greeks of the diaspora that reside in U.S.A., CANADA, AUSTRALIA, and SOUTH AFRICA.
  • We offer reduced prices for Greeks that live and work abroad in civil aviation services and maritime industries.
Property Cases for Greeks Living Abroad

Our expert team of professionals and partners undertake property cases exclusively for Greeks living abroad.

Our company in cooperation with expert civil engineers, property surveyors, legal representatives and notary publics helps you complete property cases in every borough of Greece. We serve as your proxies to legitimize property parcels, property and land ownership issues on your behalf.

Specifically we handle:

  • Locating your piece of property
  • Establishing Its size and registering the same to the authorities.
  • Legitimizing any buildings within your property
  • Drawing up notary public documentation and registration for properties and land ownership for you
  • Registering property and land ownership with the relevant authorities (ktimatologio)


  • You have full and complete tax and law support throughout the entire process.
  • We make all the relevant payments to public authorities on your behalf as well as to any organizations and third parties.
  • We complete and deliver to you a comprehensive file with all the relevant and mandatory documents for your property or land parcel.

*The above mentioned services are provided by our expert partners. Our company has a PanHellenic network of partners . We cover the entire geographic totality of Greece.

It is mandatory to register your property with the Greece property authorities.

The registration of any property is mandatory in the Greece Property authority for any individuals that have claim to property, land or land parcel (whether it is in its entirety or for the right of use etc.

The registration of your property is the only way to safeguard and guarantee your ownership.


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