Tax return submission

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The submission of a tax return is mandatory once each year. It is mandatory for all Greek citizens  living abroad to submit a tax return:

  1. If they have revenue in Greece
  2. If they have property or finances in Greece.

It is advised that all Greeks of the diaspora, or citizens working abroad, transfer their tax information to the relevant DOY of Citizens Living Abroad especially if:

  1. They are beneficiaries in Greek bank accounts
  2. They are inheriting property or funds from relatives in Greece
  3. If they are planning to invest in Greece in any way. An example is the investment in property or business of tourism which are a priority for citizens living abroad.

Our company offers services such as the submission of tax returns for Greek diaspora members living and working abroad.

we offer a comprehensive service at reduced prices to Greeks of the diaspora that reside in U.S.A., CANADA, AUSTRALIA, and SOUTH AFRICA. 

We offer reduced prices for Greeks that live and work abroad in civil aviation services and maritime industries.