Accounting / Tax Services for Individuals

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Accounting / Tax Services for Individuals

Our many years of experience and our constant updating regarding the constantly changing accounting & tax environment, allows us to consistently and efficiently serve the needs of individuals.

In the accounting services department of the accounting office Kampylis Accounting-Tax Consulting, our experienced and fully qualified staff handle all accounting services, from simple clerical tasks to bookkeeping of every category.

We operate in a fully computerized environment utilizing sophisticated means of technology while building relationships of mutual trust based on respect.

In more detail, our office undertakes:

–Preparation and submission of tax returns Ε1, Ε2, E9, ENFIA

– Issuance of Unified Ownership Property Tax Transfer Certificates – ENFIA

– Debt Arrangements

– Lease agreements of all kinds

– Unseizable bank account statement

– Farmers of special and regular VAT tax

– Tax technical tips for covering items